Ferrari California T vs Lamborghini Huracan

Now that we have received a deep insight into Ferrari California T, it is time to see what this supercar would have to compete with. The two main competitors for the California T are Lamborghini Huracan and Porsche 911 Turbo which are heavyweights in their own right to say the least. All the three supercars have some terrific stats behind them while all of them are a sight to behold as well so it would be interesting to see which one comes out on top. Let us began thus by first comparing Ferrari California T with Lamborghini Huracan.

1. Appearance

It's a tough choice to make between Ferrari California T and Lamborghini Huracan as both the cars look absolutely gorgeous. However if you have to differentiate between the two, Lamborghini Huracan does look a lot more sporty with much more dominant side character lines and a downward slope from the top to the front fascia. Ferrari California T in comparison is a little more subtle with a longer front fascia. In terms of dimensions Ferrari California T is longer than Lambrghini Huracan with the former featuring a length of 4570mm and the latter 4459mm. However Lamborghini Huracan is much broader than Ferrari California T with 1924mm width as oppose to the 1910mm width of the latter.

2. Engine

Under the hood, it is a interesting fight between Ferrari California T and Lamborghini Huracan with the latter having a much more powerful engine in terms of displacement but the former coming close in terms of power and even exceeding Huracan when it comes to torque. Ferrari California T comes loaded with a 3855cc engine that gives away 553cc power at 7500rpm along with a 755Nm torque at 4750rpm. Lamborghini Huracan on other hand generates 572bhp power at 8250rpm and 560Nm torque at 6500rpm via its 5204cc V10 IDS Motor.

3. Transmission system

There is not much to choose from here with both the supercars featuring a 7 speed automatic transmission system that work with paddle shifts and electronic presets driving mode. Therefore as far as gearbox is concerned both the cars at par.

4. Safety and Suspension

This is another section where it is difficult to unanimously choose one over the other with both Ferrari California T and Lamborghini Huracan offering a strong set of specs. Both the cars have disc brakes for both front and rear wheels while Lamborghini Huracan features hydraulic Power steering and Ferrari California T features electric Power assisted steering. Both the cars have a rear wheel drive setup. Both the cars have four airbags for driver, co-driver and rear passengers. Features like Anti lock braking system, central locking are available with both the cars as well.

5. Interior

As far as premium feel and comfort is concerned, both Ferrari California T and Lamborghini Huracan score high with leather upholstery being featured by both the cars. Features like automatic climate control and other multimedia elements including Bluetooth and USB are also common to both the cars.